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June 13, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Mrs. Tatiana Golyandrina was given the assignment of representing our Company as a Russian Interpreter for the BP Conservation Programme on or about May 15, 2006. This was done only after considering her qualifications compared to over seven other candidates who applied for this assignment.

From May 25, 2006 through June 7, 2006, Tatiana provided her professional services of simultaneous interpreting for one foreign national who participated in this conference. Tatiana's assignment included interpreting for various conference sessions, outings and workshops both in Cambridge, England and Snodenia, Wales during this time period. Each day required up to ten hours of involvement with the conference agenda. The subject matter addressed (but was not limited to) issues in the field of Environmental Science, Conservation and Biology. Titiana had very limited time to prepare before each days sessions.

According to reports from the conference organizers, Tatiana's service was professional and competent. She also provided a level of association to the other interpreters and the participants that exceeded all expectations.

We are very pleased with Tatiana's efforts and accomplishments. We would hire her to provide her interpreting service again if given the opportunity.

Ralph N. Bosen
Language Services Division

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