Competitive advantages of Tatiana Golyandrina :


1. Available 24 hours a day. No more time-zone differences.
2. Your interpreter or translator is available within 3 hours.
3. Tatiana Golyandrina has dual citizenship. No Visas required for Russian Federation or western countries.
4. Cheaper than big translating agencies; the work is done without mediators and extra charges.
5. Tatiana is flexible and easily adjusts to different projects.
6. Has experience working for businesses and international organizations.
7. Will be able to consult with you about cultural qualities and general legal issues of former USSR countries.
8. No extra charge for evenings or holidays.
I am the key to your communication!

   I have been working as an interpreter for more than 7 years. Most assignments take place in the Netherlands where I am located; however I am available to fly where interpretation services are required. I have dual citizenship which allows me the opportunity to travel to most countries without a visa.
   My services have benefited organizations such as: international forums, conferences, governmental meetings, small businesses, large corporations, NGOs as well as individual people. I have many satisfied clients from Russia, Ukraine, US, England, The Netherlands and Belgium. My expertise affords me the opportunity to work for important people as deputy prime-ministers and other high ranking officials. A good reputation is difficult to earn but is easily lost; I will do what it takes to fulfill my clientele's communication requirements and make sure they are happy with my services.
My services are available for the following events:
- conferences and congress meetings
   You will need an experienced simultaneous interpreter who can quickly render the message in your language while the source-language speaker continuously speaks, which will allow the people attending the conference to learn and participate. Don't look any further! I am a professional conference interpreter who will take care of your language needs. I am available 24 hours a day, don't hesitate to call.

- Official board meetings
   You need an experienced interpreter who will provide whispered interpretation for you or your client. Whispering is another form of simultaneous interpretation but without the use of a sound booth. This is usually done for a maximum of 2 or 3 people. If you have questions don't hesitate to call; I am available 24 hours a day.

- Workshops and seminars
   Do you or your client plan to attend a workshop or a seminar? Allow me to help you fully participate in the program as a flexible consecutive interpreter. Consecutive interpreter pauses after several sentences which is 4 or 5 minutes of speech. It is more time consuming than simultaneous interpretation but it gives you an opportunity to communicate with your partner. Your linguist is just a phone call away.

- Business negotiations
    Many people think interpreting during a business negotiation is very easy. However, this perception is incorrect. Like the other techniques liaison interpretation also demands constant concentration and quick reaction. Interpreter translates one or two sentences at a time what allows full and fruitful communication between 2 or 3 business partners. In my experience the presence of a good interpreter, during the negotiation process, enhances and simplifies the procedure.

- Parties and other fun events
    Don't stay away from events because you don't speak the language or attend and plan on being bored. Allow me to interpret for you and enjoy the event completely. Please call or send me an e-mail.

Read about Rates and Conditions here. All e-mails are answered within 8 hours. Telephone calls are answered immediately when possible or within 2 hours. Although I accept urgent orders and am available 24 hours a day, it is best to make an appointment in advance to guarantee booking. I treat all received information as confidential, and take steps to protect your confidentiality.